Recessed Lighting Fixtures in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County

Anton Electric provides and installs quality, cost-effective Recessed Lighting Fixtures. These are a great low profile lighting idea that can brighten a room without affecting the floor plan. Recessed fixtures come in various shapes, brands and styles. Recently, LED recessed fixtures have become more affordable and a lot more popular. LED recessed fixtures do not create excess heat and use a fraction of the energy that a typical halogen recessed fixture would use. The upfront cost is substantially higher but when you factor in long term energy savings it is a great alternative.

There are also enclosed recessed fixtures, square recessed fixtures, and decorative recessed fixtures. Juno recessed lighting is the brand we sell and install more than any other.  Juno pricing is considered mid-range, balancing affordability with quality.

Low voltage recessed lighting is a mid-range priced form of recessed lighting. It is a more affordable alternative to LED recessed fixtures but a little more expensive than a typical line voltage halogen recessed light fixture. This type of lighting is generally used as accent lighting giving off light that is crisp and more direct, creating less “wash” than a typical light. Recessed lighting fixtures are an energy efficient way to enhance the look of a room.

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Anton Electric sells, installs and services recessed lighting in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks county. 
 Anton Electric sells, installs and services cove lighting in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks county.